A Minibus And Bicycles To Bring Children To School


Students from the salt fields arrive at Chumkriel on the new minibus.

New Minibus!

Part of the difficulty in attending school has been difficulty in getting here. Some children having to walk up to one hour which is especially difficult in the Monsoon season. We recently have kind donors helping with this transport.

Project Indochina has donated a Minibus and shelter for the bus to bring our children to school.

To help encourange and make it easier for children to attend Project Indochina have also given uniforms and stationary for children.

There has been donations from Mr Simon from Doug Hall Enterprises in Millmerran and his wife Gayle to provide money for the driver and maintainence of the Minibus and fundraising by an Australian Anna Wythe to provide gasoline for transport.

Allison Vannort has also provided money to buy bicycles. She donated 16 bicycles at $50 each for the saltfield children to ride to school.

We are still needing more money to continue to run this program  as we want to make it sustainable for the community. Since introducing the service the demand has increased dramatically, which means more children coming to school. However we have already overfilled the first minibus.

We want to thank all of our kind donors who have helped make it easier for our children to get to school.