Our Community

CLS is located in the Chumkriel Commune of Kampot Province. The Commune, a few kilometres east of the town of Kampot, is home to over 1,000 families who earn meagre incomes labouring in the rice paddies and the salt fields, or on construction sites.c(20)

Homes are small thatch or tin shelters, commonly without toilets and with no running water. And transport to school and the market, sometimes several kilometres distant, is a bicycle – or a pair of legs!

After paying for food and basic living expenses, family income is often inadequate to pay for uniforms and basic school supplies. This, and sometimes a failure to appreciate the value of education, sees many children fail to complete schooling. Some never attend a school!

Help us give children an education: US$40 buys a child a uniform and school supplies for a year! US$50 buys a child a bicycle to get to school!