Who We Are

Chumkriel Language School (CLS) has been operating since 2005, giving children in rural Chumkriel access to quality education. We started in a single classroom teaching English to 100 children. With the support of volunteers and donors over the last 10 years, we now have our own dedicated Learning Centre with adjoining agricultural garden and sporting field.

Our philosophy is about helping people help themselves by integrating the basic needs of students and the community in which they live with our education program. Today we offer a wide range of assistance and opportunities to the children of this area, including:

  • Daily classes in Khmer subjects and basic English for up to 80 primary children. Health and hygiene are also included as the children come from backgrounds where importance of hygiene is often not appreciated. The Learning Centre collaborates with an adjoining government high school and primary school, sharing facilities and resources to improve educational opportunities for all children.
  • A library where children are encouraged to develop and enjoy reading skills.
  • Computer classes for secondary school students.
  • A sports field for sports and recreation activities.
  • Evening classes in English at two locations, Chumkriel and Ang Prey, attended by up to 450 students.
  • Transport for up to 30 students from the Chumkriel salt fields to and from school every day.
  • A vegetable garden to teach the children and their parents how to grow vegetables, so poor families of this area can develop greater food self-sufficiency.
  • A soup kitchen which provides a healthy lunch for up to 40 children from the Salt Fields.
  • Scholarships for 80 children to attend the government high school which adjoins our campus, and a further 6 scholarships for selected students to study at university.

The above programs are run on a tight budget of less than US$100,000 per year. We are totally dependent on donations to fund this cost, and thus are constantly seeking donors to cover existing costs and to help us expand our programs.