Chumkriel Community Centre is finished.


The construction of the new Chumkriel Community Center is finished thanks to the help of a lot of people.

We will open this building very soon after we recieved furniture. This will create a much improved learning environment for our students and gives us security of planning for many years.

We would like to thank everybody involved for making this project possible, especially:

  • the Rotary Club of Dubbo for donating the necessary funds for this project.
  • 11 volunteers in 3 groups who travelled to Cambodia to work at the site.
  • Sin Thorn Development who have done a great job constructing this building in such a short time and let foreign volunteers work with them.
  • Mark Horton and Jos Barber for organising everything from coffee for volunteers to donations and setting up the mentioned group of volunteers..
  • Project Indochina for donating furniture and a 10000-litre rainwater tank.

At the same time we are developing the surrounding property. During the last months:

  • a 2-toilet block was finished thanks to the support of Project Indochina.
  • a class from Minimbah School made the construction of a hand-washing block possible.
  • a well was built and we started an Agriculture Project.

We are very happy to have this new building and will celebrate the opening very soon.

Thank you again to everybody who was involved in making this possible.

Nget Sothy, CLS staff and students