Chumkriel Kampong-Samrong Health Project


Over 5 years Chumkriel language centre is working with Project Indochina on a major aid and community development project. After 6 months of discussion and planning an aid delivery strategy was developed for not only Chumkriel Language School but the entire community. It involves supporting and building the education focus in the school, but also a Health Project and sustainable income generation.

Health Project.

In general the priorities of the health project have been identified as clean water supply, providing sanitation facilities, health and hygiene education, nutrition and the aim to set up a medical clinic with emphasis on  woman and child health.


  • A community health and demographic survey was completed in September 2011 to provide information on community health needs.
  • Consturction of three multi family use shower and toilet blocks in Chumkriel village
  • Consturction of two special shower and toilet blocks for families living with HIV in Chumkriel

Plans are under way to lay 3 kilmetres of water pipe through the Chumkriel village to the edge of the saltfields.

The water pipeline in Chumkriel village will positively impact the quality of life of 150 families at present without water. The shower and toilet blocks will service approximately 50 families currently without santitation or bathing facilities and will alleviate some health and environment degradation issues in the immediate area.

We will have to work with the community to educate them on the value of using these facilities, as the community may not automatically embrace these changes. We would like to thank Project Indochina for this investment in our Community.