Construction of Toilet Block with Rotary Dubbo

During May and June 2009, CLS had the privilege of working with Rotary Dubbo, Australia. A team of 12 Rotary Volunteers visited Chumkriel to run a Health and Hygiene Project.

The three operating areas of the project were: the construction of a toilet block, hand washing facility and rubbish disposal unit, providing health and hygiene education for the community, and assisting with the organisational structure and development of CLS. .

Rotary Dubbo raised money within their community in Australia to fund the project and then came to Cambodia to help build the toilets. CLS was delighted to welcome Rotary and appreciated the opportunity given to learn and work together as a large team.

Support from the State School and community members helped the project to run smoothly.

This project has allowed CLS to give access to clean toilets and a hand washing facility to over 1000 students attending the Chumkriel State School.

The long term benefits of the project were its main focus: educating children about the importance of health and sanitation, and teaching that good health leads to children attending school more regularly, allowing them to continue with education.

The project was the first time CLS has partnered with another organisation to assist its local community. It was a wonderful success. Thank you to Rotary and their families, friends and communities who generously supported the project. We wish them good luck, and hope to welcome their return soon.

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