Continuing Health & Hygiene at CLC

Health and Hygiene awareness and education has been an ongoing program at Chumkriel Language School for nearly 5 years. It is funded through donations from volunteers and friends of CLS. The eductaional classes take place at our Chumkriel Learning Centre and are taught by our Khmer teacher Mr Koun and assisted by volunteers.

During the month of April, 70 students learned how to use the toilet, how to keep their surroundings clean and to understand why that is important, the importance of good food, and where they should leave wastes. Most of our students understand how to wash their hands and that they should wash their hands after doing something and keep the school clean. Some tell their friends to put rubbish in the bin. We had a cleaning event and got them to understand that we all need the environment clean for our health. We got a hygiene book from volunteer, Mrs Lyn and teacher, Mr Koun is trying to read this with the students and plan lessons for the students using the booklet. We hope we could do it well.

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