We value our volunteers highly and aim for a cooperative and enriching experience for both them and us.

Our staff are entirely Khmer. Volunteers do not replace them or deny them employment. Rather they work alongside them as assistants and mentors.

We seek from volunteers their knowledge and experience to develop our staff and our school, and to improve our teaching. In return we aim to give them a satisfying and fulfilling experience working with the school and the local community, and experiencing Khmer culture.

After leaving, many volunteers continue to assist us by raising awareness of CLS and by fund raising.

Who and What We Need

We value volunteers with experience in teaching (especially English as a Second Language). We also value skills and experience related to our organizational needs in such areas as IT, library management, marketing, fund raising, administration and project management.

We therefor seek volunteers with such skills. At the same time, we want their schedule to fit our school program. This sometimes means requesting adjustment to the volunteer’s proposed schedule.

We prefer volunteers to work with us for a minimum of one-month. This allows the volunteer to settle in and provide effective input to our program. It also allows the children to develop a healthy relationship with volunteers in the classroom where shorter-term involvement can be unsettling. Shorter term volunteers will, however, be considered in areas other than teaching, particularly if they offer skills needed by us at the time.

Intending volunteers are asked to fill out an Application Form and submit it for consideration at least six weeks before their intended arrival date. If they are accepted, they are then asked to send us before departure evidence of a Passport, Police Clearance (i.e. criminal history check) and Travel Insurance.IMG_0762

On arrival at CLS, each volunteer is asked to pay a one-off fee of US$50 to defray staff costs associated with recruitment and initial orientation and training,

Information on volunteering with CLS is available in our Volunteer Information Pack or you can contact us at clsvolunteering@gmail.com

The sites below also provide relevant information for intending volunteers.

Chumkriel Language School Child Protection Policy

Introduction to Khmer

Kampot Things to See & Do

Introduction to Chumkriel: About Us 

Steps to Responsible Volunteering: http://unicefcambodia.blogspot.com/2017/09/5-steps-to-responsible-volunteering.html 

We have all had a wonderful time and it has been absolutely wonderful how we have been accepted by the teachers, and the students. – Volunteer 2017

“It was an honour to work at CLS. The staff always made the job fun and the smiles on the children’s faces are priceless.” – Volunteer, 2015