A Volunteer’s Experience at Chumkriel Language School.

“It was an honour to work at CLS. The staff always made the job fun and the smiles on the children’s faces are priceless.” – Volunteer, 2015

“Very rewarding experience. Inclusive environment. Very welcoming.” – Volunteer, 2015

Volunteers are important to the development and operation of CLS and we value them highly. Our goal with volunteers is to create a mutual sharing environment where skills can be exchanged and everyone can learn. Working with volunteers to support and train our staff allows us to continue to use skills learned after volunteers have left.

Foreign volunteers also benefit our program by creating opportunities for our staff and students to share cultures and ideas with English speakers. After serving, many volunteers continue to contribute in their home countries by raising awareness and by fund raising.

CLS employs only local Cambodians as its permanent staff. Volunteers assist these staff without taking away employment opportunities.

Who and What We Need

CLS values volunteers with experience in teaching (especially English as a Second Language) or who possess specific skills or training related to our organizational needs. Examples of skills other than teaching which can be useful to CLS include computer/IT support, library support, marketing, fund raising, administration and project management.

Hosting volunteers requires time and energy of staff to train and supervise them. Applicants may not be accepted if they do not have skills relevant to our needs, or if their proposed schedule is not suited to our program. Those who are accepted are asked to pay US$50 on arrival to defray staff and administration costs associated with their recruitment and initial orientation and training.

We prefer volunteers to serve a minimum of one-month. When people come in and out of a child’s life for short periods, there can be a negative effect on the child. A full month allows a child to develop a healthy relationship with a person. It is also long enough to prepare the child emotionally for the person to leave. Also, in one month a volunteer can be oriented and become sufficiently comfortable to be effective.

Short-term (two to three week) volunteers can be considered if they offer specific skills useful to our organization at the time.

s(11)Intending volunteers must fill out an Application Forms and submit it for consideration at least six weeks before their intended arrival date. If they are accepted, before departure for Cambodia they must send CLS evidence of a Passport, Police Clearance (i.e. criminal history check) and of Travel Insurance. This entire process can take some time, so the 6-week application timeframe is a minimum.

Background information for both intending volunteers and those who have applied and been accepted into our programs is available at the sites indicated below. A copy of our Volunteer Guidelines with more comprehensive information can be obtained by contacting CLS at clsvolunteering@gmail.com

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