Official Opening Of New Chumkriel Learning Centre

The Opening of New Chumkriel Learning Center

On the third of October 2011 we celebrated the official opening of the new Chumkriel Learning Centre. We had 70 scholarship students, 50 CLC students, 50 parents, the highest ranking monk in the Province,  The Highest Excellency from the Employment Department, The Director of Education, Director of the State School, The District Govenor, Community Council, overseas visitors and NGO’s all come together to help us celebrate this very special event.  There were 300 people in all.  The community is very happy with the nice new building as it provides an important place for education for all community members.We want to say thankyou to the Dubbo Rotary Club for providing funding to build this new Centre.

The Opening of the NEw Chumkriel Learning Center.The New Chumkriel Learning Center.