Community Focus Class

CLS supports at-risk students from poor areas, helping them to complete primary school and continue their education through classes at the Learning Centre. Classes include English, Khmer, art and craft and physical education. There are two classes where students begin in Grade 2 or Grade 3 and continue for three years.

Both long-term and short-term education opportunities are provided. In the long term program each student is supported for three years using a goal/outcomes oriented curriculum. After completion of the program, students attend Chumkriel State School. They can return to the Learning Centre at any time to use its resources, or to receive guidance and study support.

The short term program focuses on literacy. This is conducted through the CLS Library, through opportunities to meet peers, and through assistance with study and life skills – living and working together.

Students are also given incentives to reinforce positive behaviour through smart choices and displaying good attitudes to reading and learning. Teachers maintain a record of student achievements, and prizes are awarded every three months.

Parents and community members also receive encouragement to learn and to support the education of their children through community reading events which are held every three months.