Evening School

The Evening School provides high quality, affordable English education to children and adults from Chumkriel and surrounding areas. By learning English, CLS students improve their chances of finding a job and continuing their education.

Currently eight teachers teach up to 600 students in sixteen classes at Chumkriel and Ang Prey. The classes are held Monday through Friday from 5.00 pm until 7.00pm.

State School in Cambodia is free, but some families cannot cover the cost of uniforms and basic school supplies which they must meet if their children are to attend school. Students who have difficulty attending State School and the Evening School are selected for our Scholarship Class. We offer the students free English classes at CLS, school supplies, uniforms, and help to attend the State School.


  • Professional development and in-service training for CLS Teachers. This is provided by qualified and experienced volunteers, by external workshops and by individual study.
  • Teach English to students to an appropriate standard, with monthly testing.
  • Use appropriate resources and teaching aids.
  • Reward top three students in each class with certificates.
  • Regular reporting to parents to encourage parental involvement.
  • Home visits to families whose children are frequently absent from classes.
  • Payment of a small fee by those students who can afford to pay, with other students supported by scholarships which cover school supplies and uniforms, and classes in the Evening School.