Evening School

0F6A3743The Evening School follows the Smart Phonics, Headway and Our World curricula, complemented by a weekly reading program, in teaching English to children and adults from Chumkriel and surrounding areas. A knowledge of English improves their prospects of finding a job or of continuing their education.

Eleven teachers give lessons to over 500 students in evening classes from Monday to Friday. The classes cost just 300 riel (US8 cents) per lesson, and are free for the poorest students.

  • Students are assessed and grouped based on ability, and are regularly tested to monitor their progress.
  • Teachers receive in-service training from qualified and experienced volunteers.
  • Supporting resources and teaching aids are used widely in lessons.
  • Students who miss too many classes are followed-up, with home visits if warranted.

Support a child to learn English for just US$45 per year.

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