CLS values partners who help us work towards our goal of sustainability by supporting us in developing our programs and in building the capacity of our staff. We seek partnerships with groups and organizations who value mutual sharing and learning.


ModiMade is an Australian business run by a volunteer and friend of CLS since 2009. ModiMade supports CLS by donating funds raised from their ethical product sales. The founder of ModiMade also continues to assist in co-coordinating the CLS donation scheme in Australia, helps staff at CLS with administration tasks, and has made many trips back to CLS to contribute to program establishment and maintenance.



Dorsu produces ethical clothing in Kampot, Cambodia. Dorsu believes people should have the opportunity to buy affordable clothing, to know where it comes from, who made it and under what conditions. Staff are provided with safe and viable employment because we believe people have the right to work in a safe environment, with fair compensation, and feel happy to go to work every day. Dorsu supports Chumkriel Language School by donating funds towards operating expenses.

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Toothbrush Project

The Health & Hygiene Project has been a part of CLS since 2009. It’s expansion in 2012 was made possible by partnering with The Toothbrush Project. CLS is now able to distribute toothbrushes and toothpaste to students, provide weekly hygiene classes, and arrange regular dental visits for students.

Amber & Georgie are the driving force behind The Toothbrush Project, working tirelessly to raise funds to support the financial requirements of the project. They have helped engage the services of The Buddhist Library dental scheme to regularly check and treat the teeth of CLS students.

Woodleigh School

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CLS and Woodleigh School have had an ongoing relationship since 2009, with the partnership formalized in 2012. Many Woodleigh teachers, students and families have supported CLS through fund raising and volunteering.

Woodleigh School assist by training staff, donating funds, and promoting CLS within their community in Australia. We aim to continue this strong partnership through staff and student exchange.



The Rotary Club of Darwin North has been associated with CLS since 2013 through the provision of teacher training and mentoring as well as the assessment of students in literacy.  In 2016  CLS and the Rotary Club of Darwin North entered into a three-year agreement.  Darwin North is providing funding and volunteer support across three areas:

  • Education including student assessments at CLS and Angprey School
  • Shelter Building
  • Minor Projects

to facilitate academic, community and infrastructure development.

Rotary Club of Dubbo

CLS and Rotary began working together in 2008. The Rotary Club of Dubbo provided funding and volunteers for a three-stage project to build the new Chumkriel Learning Centre (CLC) which was finished in 2011. Then in 2015 they added a new library as an extension to the Centre.

The Rotary Club of Dubbo continues to fund raise to support CLS projects and staff training. Their assistance has given CLS an excellent safe and secure building for teaching and administration. We continue to collaborate with them to find sustainable funding options to cover the operating costs of our organization.

CLS is also excited to work with:



United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) – East Campus

CLS and United World College of South East Asia East have been working together since 2010. Teachers, parents and students support CLS and the Kampot community through a variety of collaborative initiatives.

Through our partnership, UWCSEA East has been able to contribute to the shelter building programme for the families of CLS students. It has also provided professional development in collaboration with Training Teachers in Cambodia, and has worked with CLS teachers, volunteering in classrooms with English acquisition activities.

UWCSEA East has begun a long term sponsorship programme for CLS students, and has raised funds and awareness about sustainable development projects. It has created a classroom, a library, and toilets, and helped build a playground for the salt field community. It also contributes to CLS’s operating costs.

UWCSEA East stays connected with CLS via their Facebook page, Skype, teacher training programmes with TTIC, and though frequent visits which involve students from Grades 2 – 12, teachers and parents.

UWCSEA East offers Singapore visits to CLS teachers for ongoing professional development. It also showcases CLS as exemplars of excellent NGO work and as sustainable development project managers at such conferences as Global Issues Network and Round Square.

We look forward to a continued partnership and friendship with the UWCSEA community in the years to come.


Charles Sturt University (CSU) has been working with Chumkriel Language School (CLS) teachers and students since 2014.  Through our partnership, CSU Teacher Education students undertake a 4-week volunteer teaching placement at CLS each January. The CSU students work collaboratively with CLS teaching staff to plan and deliver lessons.

The CSU Program Leader works with the school managers to identify the key areas that CLS would like us to focus on each year. The current focus is on identifying appropriate resources to support student learning, particularly audio resources. The Program Leader provides professional development workshops for CLS staff, and regular meetings are scheduled to encourage CSU students, CLS teachers, and school managers to plan together and to share the successes and challenges associated with implementation of new ideas.

This is an extremely valuable opportunity for the CSU students to practice their teaching skills and develop intercultural competence. It is also a great opportunity for CLS teachers to encounter different teaching strategies and resources that they might be able to use in their teaching.

In January 2016 CSU and CLS signed a Memorandum of Understanding in recognition of the value  of the partnership, and to lay the foundation for future partnership developments.

CLS would like to say thank you to Capitalsmiles for crowdfunding to support our school.

Indochina Starfish Foundation (ISF)

NGO Education Partnership (NEP)