Salt Fields Project

The Salt Fields Project focuses on families who live and work in the salt fields around Kampot. Life for these people is hard as wages are low – just a few dollars for a hard day’s work in terrible conditions. Families cannot afford to send their children to the state school as they live too far away, they do not have enough money, and some do not understand why education is important.

CLS works with the state school, local authorities, and other organizations to provide equal access to education for the children from the salt fields. We provide transport and school supplies so students can attend CLS and the state school, and we encourage their parents to appreciate the importance of education.


  • Meet with commune chief and state school directors to determine the situation of individual salt field students.
  • Survey families that live in the salt field to learn family situations, and about aspirations and education of the children.
  • Provide a truck to transport children to and from Chumkriel school six days a week.
  • Select students for provision of bicycles or for transportation by the CLS salt field truck.
  • Provide school supplies to salt field students (books, pens, bags, rulers, etc.).
  • Home visits to children and their families to encourage parents to keep sending their children to school.