CLS welcomes current or potential donors and partners as visitors to the Centre. As the staff are busy running the Centre and teaching children, the time devoted to visitors must, however, be limited and advance notice is essential. Individuals and small groups (5 or less) are asked to provide at least 3 weeks’ notice, while larger groups are asked to provide at least 3 months notice. Requests to visit can be made by emailing

Visitors will not generally be taken into the CLS building during classes as this disrupts students and teachers. If they bring gifts, visitors should pass these to our Administration and Finance Officer, Keo Phoas, not to the children.

CLS discourages casual visitation by those who are just passing through or who have a general interest in schools, orphanages and similar Cambodian institutions. Such visits interrupt the students’ learning, do not benefit the school, and are a burden on the staff. For more information, please visit