Our Vision

CLS creates life-changing opportunities for the children of Chumkriel and neighbouring communities to realise better futures for themselves and their families.

Our Mission

To provide education and training that equip students with real-world skills to advance themselves and to make a  significant and useful contribution to their communities.

Our Values

  • Professionally planned and executed programs.
  • Positive and fulfilling learning environment.
  • Respectful of individuals and cultural backgrounds.

Our Goal

The aim of Chumkriel Language School is to provide quality education for our students, and to improve the living standards of the Community. We want to raise healthy, happy, self-confident members of Chumkriel and neigbouring communities.

  • Our Evening School to teach English to children and so improve their career opportunities.
  • Our Library to teach children to read and understand books, introducing them to the pleasures and opportunities reading provides.
  • Our Learning Centre to introduce young children to basic Khmer subjects, elementary English, and Health & Hygiene so they can progress confidently into government schools.
  • Our IT program to teach computing skills which improve career opportunities.
  • Our Soup Kitchen to provide a nutritious lunch for 35 children from the poorest families.
  • Our Salt Field program to transport up to 30 children from the salt fields to school each day.
  • Our Health & Hygiene program to educate children and their families to the importance of cleanliness and good hygiene at school and in the home.
  • Our Agriculture program to teach children and their families how to grow their own vegetables.
  • Our Scholarship program to give the poorest children the opportunity to attend government schools and, for some, to go on to University.
  • Shelter Building to provide shelters (simple homes) for our most needy families.
  • Our Sports program run in conjunction with our neighbouring government school.
  • Our cooperation with neighbouring government schools to improve the quality of education they offer.

 Donate to any of these programs so we can continue to help the families and children of our community

Read about some of our successful work in these areas, and some of our successful students.